How to install Effect Packs

Effect packs give Squash 3 new abilities. They can be download and purchased from the Realmac Software website.

Once you've purchased an Effects Pack, you need to download the file to your Mac. The download link will be in the purchase confirmation email.

How to Install Effect Packs

Please note, you’ll need to have Squash 3 installed and have run it at least once (this tells your Mac what to do with .squashEffectPack files) before you can install this pack.

  • 1. Download the Effects Pack using the link in the email you received after purchase.
  • 2. Double click the .squashEffectPack file and Squash will launch and install it for you (You may need to unzip the file first).
  • 3. The effects should now be available in the “Effects” section in the sidebar of Squash.

Effect Packs are sometimes referred to as Filters or Filter Packs.