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Squash early access beta information

Welcome, and thanks for showing interest in Squash 3.

We've done our best to anticipate and answer the most commonly asked questions below.

Q: What is Early Access?
A: Generally speaking, an app or game classed as "early access" is working well enough to be usable, but requires some polish and bug fixing before a general launch. It's also a great time to iron out user workflows and fix up any minor issues before launch. 

Q: Why is Squash in Early Access?
A: We wanted to roll out Squash gradually so we can stay on top of feedback and make sure the product is rock-solid before a wider public launch.

So while Squash 3 is not ready for an official launch, it is stable enough to use in your daily workflow.

Q: Where can I get Squash 3?
A: Visit the Squash webpage to sign-up for early access. Please note, that due to the demand we've implemented a queue based system. It's on a first come, first served basis. Right now, you should be offered access within a week.

Q: Why do I have to pay for Squash before it launches?
A: You don't. You can wait until the public release to try out the demo. 

If you do decide you want to get Squash 3 before its official launch, you can purchase a copy and receive a large discount as an early access user.

Q: I paid for Squash 2, do I get a discount?
A: Yes and No. Squash 3 is currently one price for all users, however… You can save 30% by purchasing Squash 3 while it's in Early access. All Squash 2 users will get priority access during this period.

The last time we charged for an update was around five years ago in 2016.

Q: I've got Squash 3, and found a bug, what now?
A: Just drop support@realmacsoftware.com an email and let us know, we'll get to work and fix it up for the next release!

Q: I have a feature request for Squash 3, where shall I post it?
A: You can email it to us at support@realmacsoftware.com, or post it on the Squash Forum to see if other users like the idea.

Squash is still a beta product, so do expect to hit a few bugs. We're actively working on it and pushing out new builds regularly. Nothing serious, but we wanted to make sure you were aware!